Experience, Knowledge Base, and Creativity Give Tri-Par An Edge in Molds for High-Flow Material Parts

Mold making TechnologyBy: Cynthia Kustush
Senior Editor, MoldMaking Technology

Expertise in building molds for parts made from highly-engineered materials and automation for molding gives Tri-Par Die and Mold Corp. Key mechanisms for growth.

Where does Tri-Par excel regarding its mold engineering and building expertise?

David Plocinski, General Manager: We build many molds for parts made with highly-engineered materials like high-temp LCP (liquid crystal polymer) materials, glass-filled nylons, and high-melt-flow resins. We run a lot of glass-filled materials in our molding department, so we continually work to ensure that the molds can withstand resins that contain up to 43 percent glass in them because these materials are extremely abrasive and can cause extensive mold wear if not built and maintained properly.