Tri-Par Die and Mold Corporation was founded in 1960 by three mold makers in Skokie, Illinois. Building both diecast dies and plastic molds, the company began building a wide variety of molds for both compression and injection molding. By 1977, Tri-Par experienced several important changes. The original partnership between Henry Kugler, Arthur Fraske and Raymond Polcyn, no longer existed, and the company had moved first to Elk Grove Village, and then to Schaumburg.
At that time, Raymond Polcyn, the sole owner, welcomed a former apprentice and employee, William Plocinski, as his new business partner. Within several years, Raymond and William realized they needed to expand not only their facility, but their business capabilities as well due to their growing business opportunities.
Tri-Par moved to Streamwood in 1990 and began injection molding at this new facility in 1994. William’s son David joined the company three years later and continue to expand Tri-Par’s molding operations. Ultimately, Tri-Par would move to Geneva and continue their business expansion (nearly doubling the size of the facility within 10 years) until they relocated to their current 58,000 square foot location in South Elgin.

Today, approaching 60 years in business, Tri-Par specializes in helping their customers reduce the total cost of injection mold tooling ownership. By developing the technology and culture necessary to tool appearance parts with complex part geometries, critical parting line matches and precise shut-offs, Tri-Par designs and delivers tools that provide exceptional value.
“Our customers tell us that our molds have helped them reduce their setup time, maintenance costs and run faster cycle times,” William explains, “this reduces the total cost of ownership for their injection mold tooling.”

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